Opportunities - Exchange Inner City

Community Engagement & Communications Coordinator

Full-Time OR Part-Time

Compensation: $41,000-$46,000/year (prorated based on number of hours)


Exchange Inner City (EIC) is a community economic development organization that works collectively to create, nurture and sustain the conditions for a vibrant, inclusive and equitable local economy in the Downtown Eastside while influencing systemic change. 


The Role

We are seeking a motivated individual who is inspired by connecting with others, driven to achieve change through decolonization and understanding of the diversity of lived experiences in the DTES. 

You will spend your time in community, meeting local residents, joining gatherings and meetings, and connecting with various people throughout the DTES. As you step into these different scenarios, whether one-on-one or in small groups, you will listen, learn and build relationships. You will also work closely with the Director to move the vision of Exchange Inner City forward by communicating our goals, actions and collective successes to a broad audience.

What You’ll Do

40% of Role

  • Connect with community organizations, social enterprises, social purpose businesses in the DTES
  • Identify opportunities in the community where residents gather, informally or formally, and create strategies to best join those spaces
  • Listen and learn from organizations and local residents about the challenges, barriers, and emergent conditions impacting their lives, especially as related to the local economy
  • Listen and learn from local residents and organizations about the opportunities and assets they see in the community
  • Periodically summarize, identify themes, and share learning
  • Work with the community to support additional feedback and engagement opportunities (e.g., forums, events)

30% of Role

  • Develop a communications calendar for EIC
  • Draft and edit communications copy, newsletters, etc.
  • Post appropriate, timely, relevant stories and PR to social media
  • Generate new ideas for communication
  • Maintain the website and update content as necessary

30% of Role

  • Support Director with coordination, meeting preparation and note-taking at EIC meetings
  • Maintain EIC membership records
  • Provide administrative support to Director as needed
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned

What You’re Good At

  • Connecting with people of various lived experiences, ethnicities, identities, economic stability, etc.
  • Listening to others through a non-judgemental lens
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective and respectful relationships with a variety of stakeholder groups
  • Writing, editing and creating social media 
  • Following-through on project plans
  • Learning from experience and making the necessary adjustments in a timely manner

What You’ll Bring to the Job

  • Knowledge and understanding, through lived experience or otherwise, of the low-income community and the needs of low-income residents in the Downtown Eastside
  • Experience with social media and other PR and media tools
  • A team-oriented approach to work, a self-directed work ethic, a sense of humor, an ability to connect with and appreciate diverse personalities, and a willingness to take risks and learn from each new challenge or success

What You’ll Receive

  • Great professional support, mentoring and skill-building opportunities
  • Opportunities to join relevant conferences and gatherings
  • Professional development
  • An engaging daily environment with great people

Flexible Job

  • This role can be designed as full-time or part-time
  • The person fulfilling this role will be considered an independent contractor
  • Compensation for full-time hours (40 hours/week) will be $41,000-$46,000/year, and prorated accordingly based upon agreed number of hours
  • Pay in lieu of benefits after 3 months

To Apply

Please prepare a resume and a cover letter sharing why you feel you could excel in this role and email to [email protected], subject line “Coordinator Role”.

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, but final applications due Friday, December 3.

We encourage people from all different backgrounds, experiences and identities to apply.