General Membership

Exchange Inner City's Membership is comprised of local residents, representatives from local nonprofit service providers, social enterprise, business, and municipal staff. It is a volunteer membership comprised of committed individuals who are passionate about creating inclusive economies, and being actively involved in local social policies and systems change.

Exchange Inner City believes that governance happens best through regular involvement of its stakeholders. 

Join Exchange Inner City's monthly meetings, the last Monday of the month, 4:00pm - 6:00pm.

**All meetings are conducted by Zoom/phone because of COVID-19.**

If you are interested in learning more about Exchange Inner City, would like to join an open General Meeting, or want information about becoming a member, please contact [email protected] 

Below you will find a list of our active members and their community representation.

Members' Name Representation
Alisha Masongsong City of Vancouver
Alysha Osbourne 2 Paycheques Away
Brianne de Man Binners' Project 
Bobby MacDonald Union Gospel Mission
Brian Rutledge Local Resident
Cheralyn Chok UBC Social Innovation Academy
Chris Neale-Clarke Local Resident, DTES Vancouver Business Directory HXBIA
David LePage Buy Social Canada
Davin Boutang Local Resident, Binners Project
Deanna Wing Central City Foundation
Elizabeth Ballantyne Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House
Elizabeth Chick Buy Social Canada
Farhad Farhangfar S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
Grace Tait YWCA Crabtree Corner Community Resource Centre
Nick Ubels UBC Learning Exchange
Kate Hodgson RayCam Co-operative Centre
Sean Miles Binners' Project, Exchange Inner City Co-Chair
  Directions Youth Services Centre - Family Services of Greater Vancouver
Johanna Li EMBERS
Jose Fernandez-Garcia City of Vancouver
Judy McGuire Our Place 
Sharon Belli Carnegie Community Centre
  Metro Vancouver Consortium -Transitions Program
Marcia Nozick EMBERS
Matt Hessey Hessey Consulting
Tintin Yang Let's Speak Up! Initiative of the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House
Matt Smedley Mission Possible
Michelle George Metro Vancouver Aboriginal Executive Council (MVAEC)
Russell Pinson JustWork
Sarah Beley Working Gear
Scott Clark Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement Society (ALIVE)
Scott Maxwell Local Resident
Sean Condon   Vancity Community Foundation & 312 Main
Shari LaLiberte Vancouver Community College
Diana Buric Evelyne Saller Centre
Shaugn Schwartz Community Impact Real Estate Society (CIRES)
Steve Johnston Community Impact Real Estate Society (CIRES)
Brad Mills East Van Roasters
Shirley Vivian Local Resident
Vincent Lamb Strathcona Business Improvement Association
Tom Wanklin  City of Vancouver
Tori Williamson Buy Social Canada
Shabna Ali City of Vancouver
Wilson Liang Local Resident, Exchange Inner City Administrative Assistant & Co-chair


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