Binners 2021 Coffee Cup Revolution is coming...

Binners 2021 Coffee Cup Revolution is coming...


Every year, thanks to sponsorship and community support, Binners' Project hosts the Coffee Cup Revolution to demonstrate what a coffee refund system can achieve as well as openly dialogue about how binning can support green communities, and vice versa. 

The last Coffee Cup Revolution saw 96,285 cups collected from Vancouver streets in 3 hours. 


After cancelling the event last year due to the pandemic, we are excited to return for the eighth annual Coffee Cup Revolution on October 7, 2021. 

This year, to mirror changes made by the Province to increase the bottle refund, we will be raising the refund on coffee cups from 5 cents to 10 cents.

This will double the income earned by binners from the Coffee Cup Revolution. 

Why do we need a REVOLUTION?

Every week, 2.6 million coffee cups are thrown away in Vancouver. These cups make up about a quarter of the litter on city streets and parks.​

In Vancouver, coffee cups can only be recycled in residential blue 'containers' bins. 

78 per cent of refundable cans and bottles are being recycled, and the Coffee Cup Revolution is our way of showing that the same is possible for coffee cups. 

Binners are ready to help with separating and returning coffee cups the same way they do with other containers. But without an incentive to do so, they simply can't afford it.